This website is dedicated to our adventurous family member, Daniel Neumann, who joined the Peace Corps and left for The Gambia, Africa in April 2005.

You can read about Dan's adventures in his letters (*): You can check out his photographs in our photo gallery.

Dan is serving with the Peace Corps in The Gambia, Africa. The Gambia is a small finger like country situated in the West Africa in the middle of the "French" country of Senegal. It was a British Commonwealth up until it's recent independence. It's about 25 miles wide (north to south) and 200 miles long (east to west). The reason for its weird shape is that the British patrolled the Gambia River and that is how far inland on each side of the river their artillery would reach.


There are about 90+ Peace Corps volunteers in The Gambia: 30 in Education, 30 in Agro-Forestry and 30 in Health. Dan will be working with Health Extension.

Dan spent his first 10 weeks training in Fulakunda, a very small village with one well pump and no electricity. This host village trains incoming Peace Corps volunteers in the customs and the Pulaar or Fula language. They had a naming ceremony in the village and he was given his new African name: Buba Jawo.

Dan was officially sworn in on June 17, 2005 and departed on June 19 for his full time assignment in Basse.

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